The High Weald WRS 1440

Tuesday, 01 October 2019 11:26

On Sunday 22nd September, three Worthing archers and one Associate member set off in the pre-dawn darkness, heading for the far rural outskirts of the county, to take part in The High Weald 1440 WRS shoot. The forecast was for heavy rain and thunder storms, and the early heavy rain showers threatened to be prolonged, but that did not deter Dan Mitchell, Trevor Little, Nicky McDowell and Petra Ginman as they settled into 3 dozen rounds at each of the 4 distances (90m,70m 50m and 30m for gents and 70m,60m,50m and 30m for the ladies)

The early rain was challenging but the team persevered. Waterproof clothing went on, came off, went on and came off again as they wavered between staying dry and not being hampered by jackets. Trevor Little's bow took exception to the wet weather and blew up in his hand, shattering his arrow into three pieces. In true Champion-style, Trevor scooted inside, put his bow in the press, restrung it and returned to the shooting line. shaken but not stirred. At the half way mark Dan Mitchell, Trevor Little and Petra Ginman were leading their respective categories and Nicky McDowell was in 3rd Place. The rain abated and there was a short glimpse of sun. It was then time for the shorter distances on the smaller faces. Dan and Petra continued to lead the way, Trevor struggled on valiantly, and Nicky started to gain ground on her opponents.

It certainly wasnt a day for World Records, but all of our archers came away with a medal and a claim for a Fita Star badge.

Final Results:

Dan Mitchell 1st Gents Recurve
Petra Ginman 1st Ladies Recurve
Trevor Little 2nd Gents Compound, a very poorly bow and a dead arrow (but still smiling!)
Nicky McDowell 2nd Ladies Recurve

Full results and some very good Photographs from the day can be found at

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Short Western Tournament

Monday, 26 August 2019 18:18

On Sunday 25th August Worthing Archery Club held a Short Western Tournament for club members as a 'rehearsal' for open tournaments (tournaments open to members of other clubs) that the club hopes to hold next year. A lot of help was needed to get the field ready and the club would like to thank everyone who assisted especially Linda, Graham, Vernon, Nicky and Trevor Little and his" Yellow line painting carriage" and Dan for assisting with judging. It's thanks to the hard work and dedication of our members that we are able to run events like this as we look forward to running more in the future. The tournament itself was a great success and  as it turned out everyone was a winner especially Martin Kenny and Mike Ellis who both scooped up 3 medals each.

Full results can be seen below:







Martin Kenny

Short Western




Nicola McDowell

Short Western




Andrew Walford

Short Western




James Kenny

Short Western




Bryn Davies

Short Western




Anthony Byrne

Short Western




Kat Rozental

Short Western




Victor Addis

Short Western




Michael Ellis

Short Western




Derek WIlkins

Short Western




Photos from the day can be viewed below.

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Sussex County Championship 2019

Tuesday, 23 July 2019 12:45

Once again Worthing members had a very enjoyable and successful weekend at the Sussex County Archery Association Championships.


On Saturday 20th July, the team comprising Dan Mitchell, Nicky McDowell and Mike Ellis (competing in his very first external competition), were challenged by a very tricky, blustery wind and some very competent opposition. Dan and Nicky shot a WA70 (70m) and Mike Ellis shot a Metric 122-30m (barebow). Both Dan and Mike won Gold in their respective categories and Nicky was just outside the medals in 4th place.

On Sunday 21st July, the team comprising Dan Mitchell, Nicky McDowell, Gavin Sutherland, and Dan Sutherland took up the challenge of a WA1440 round (Dan S shooting the Junior Metric 5). After 144 arrows over 4 distances, Nicky earned a Bronze medal in the Sussex Ladies Recurve, a Bronze medal for 3rd highest combined score over both days, and a Bronze team medal in partnership with Dan Mitchell. Gavin Sutherland earned a Silver medal in the Gents Compound, having spent much of his time trying to keep track of his son's progress at the other end of the shooting line!

But Sunday really was a day about two Dans. Huge congratulations must go to 8 year old Dan Sutherland, who not only won the Junior Gents Compound Metric 5, but also had the highest score of ALL the archers taking part (Juniors and Adults), with a whopping 1333 out of a possible 1440. (49% of his arrows scored X or 10) An incredible achievement, well done Dan.

And last but not least, Dan Mitchell, already riding high on his success on Saturday, romped home with a resounding win in the Gents Recurve, the Gents two day combined, a Bronze team medal, and the SCAA Gents Recurve Championship medal.

Congratulations to all on a superb performance.

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Sir Thomas Wyatt Tournament 2019

Tuesday, 25 June 2019 14:29

On Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of June, Allington Castle Archers hosted a double York/Hereford weekend.

Around 40 archers shot on the Saturday, with a few more joining on Sunday.

With the sun shining, and a slight breeze, Dan Mitchell won gold and scored a PB of 953 on the Saturday. Sunday was overcast and less breezy, giving Dan great conditions to smash his PB from the previous day, and take the gold again, with a score of 1035. He can claim for his Blue (1000 points) Rose award with that score. Dan was then awarded a plaque for winning the overall double round. The plaque records the winners of the tournament all the way back to 1984!

Dan also won some toffees and a chilli plant in the raffle!

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Sunburn League 2019 - Round 2

Wednesday, 19 June 2019 13:56

Despite the inclement conditions of the Great British summer a dozen archers turned out for round two of this season’s “sunburn” competition. The leader board currently looks as follows:

Long Metric

Trevor Little


Long Metric I

Paul Murray


Long Metric II

Ron Wingrove


Long Metric III

Vic Addis


Long Metric IV

Bryn Davis


The league secretary has promised to try harder to arrange for better weather for round three, which will be held on Sunday, 28 July.

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Ditchling Windsor 2019

Tuesday, 04 June 2019 15:23

On Sunday 2nd June, three members of the club participated in the annual Ditchling Windsor competition. Approximately 40 adult archers and 4 Juniors from clubs all over the county gathered on Ditchling's Club field in the warm sunshine and a gentle breeze.

Dan Mitchell won Gold in the Gents Recurve scoring an impressive 922 out of a possible 972 points. Nicky McDowell won Silver in the Ladies Recurve, and James Wilson avoided the Slow cooker on offer in the raffle and took home some Cider for himself and some Waitrose Vouchers for his wife - and a PB score.

A good day was had by all at a well organised and friendly competition.

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Frostbite 2019 Round 5

Monday, 04 March 2019 12:43

The fifth and final Frostbite shoot of the 2018/19 season last Sunday, 3rd March, was a wet and windy occasion.  The unfavourable weather conditions did not deter a respectable number of members attending. A big “thank you” is needed for Paul Murray for organising and arranging this season’s Frostbite tournament, although if he could try harder on organising better weather next year it would be appreciated!

The results were as follows:

Freya Bezencon (BB)  129


Recurve Team A (competing against Pendle & Samlesbury)
Jordan Wilkins  285
Clive Poland  280
Barrie Le Grove 252
Total 817

Recurve Team B (competing against Sutton Coldfield)
Paul Murray  250
Isla Bezencon 231
Vic Addis (BB) 214
Total 695

Compound Team (competing against Friars’ Gate Archers)
Neil Gunner 320
Graham Whittington  294
Martin Kenny  291
Total 905

With the winter season concluded, we are now looking forward to the start of the summer season with the first Sunburn shoot on 26th May.

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Round 4 Frostbite 2018/2019

Wednesday, 13 February 2019 22:35

Sunday 10th February saw the fourth and penultimate Frostbite shoot of the 2018/19 winter season. Despite the threat of wind and rain we had a descent turnout with a strong contingent of bare bow archers.

The results were as follows:
Recurve Team A (Competing against Westcott Archer)

Nicky McDowell 302
Clive Poland  280
Paul Murray 279
Total 861

Recurve Team B (Competing against Bannockburn Bowman)

Jordan Wilkins 278
James Wilson 234
Vic Addis (BB) 232
Total 744

Compound Team (Competing against Royal Richmond)

Neil Gunner 331
Graham Whittington  314
Martin Kenny  311
Total 956

The season finale is on Sunday, 3 March.  If last year was anything to go by we can expect snow!

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Sunburn League 2018 Results

Saturday, 03 November 2018 19:09

The final round of the Sunburn League 2018 was held last Sunday, 28th October and this year the annual competition went down to the wire. With every arrow vital for success all archers were trying their absolute hardest to win and each category was hard fought for. Yet again the Sunburn League has been a big success and has proved popular with lots of club members from our newest members through to our elite archers and we thank everyone for taking part, helping Paul set-up and take-down the targets and for making it fun and enjoyable experience. Also special thanks to “Master Chef” Ali and Trevor Vaughan for assisting with the transport of the BBQ and to our trophy presenters.

The results are now in and we are delighted to announce that the Grand Winner For 2018 is James Wilson who narrowly beat Chris Bruce-Hay into second place with an identical score of 4629. Many congratulations to James on this achievement after such a short time in the club.
Full results can be seen below:

Long Metric IV Highest Single Score Shot Trophy
1st Jill Lawrence - 1449
2nd Jill Lawrence - 1429
3rd Paul Woodford - 1413

Long Metric III Highest Single Score Shot Trophy
1st James Wilson - 1637
2nd James Wilson - 1541
3rd Chris Bruce-Hay - 1514

Long Metric II Highest Single Score Shot Trophy
1st Nicky McDowell – 1487
2nd Isla Bezencon – 1482
3rd Andrew Walford - 1451

Long Metric I Highest Single Score Shot Trophy
1st Trevor Little - 1486
2nd Neil Gunner - 1472
3rd - Paul Murray - 1469

Long Metric  Highest Single Score Shot Trophy
1st Neil Gunner – 1460
2nd Trevor Little – 1444
3rd Trevor Little - 1423

Long Metric IV League Trophy
1st Jill Lawrence - 4224
2nd Paul Woolford - 4203
3rd Trevor Vaughan - 1375

Long Metric III League Trophy
1st James Wilson - 4629
2nd Chris Bruce-Hay - 4480
3rd Barrie Le Grove - 4289

Long Metric II League Trophy
1st Nicky McDowell - 4365
2nd Andrew Walford – 4227
3rd Isla Bezencon - 1482

Long Metric I League Trophy
1st Neil Gunner - 4354
2nd Paul Murray - 4311
3rd Trevor Little - 2877

Long Metric League Trophy
1st Trevor Little – 4257
2nd Neil Gunner - 1460

Most Improved Handicap
1st James Wilson - 12
2nd Micky McDowell - 6
3rd – Neil Gunner - 5

1st JAMES WILSON - 4629
2nd Chris Bruce-Hay - 4629
3rd Neil Gunner - 4381

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Six Villages American Tournament

Monday, 02 July 2018 18:15

On Sunday 1st July Worthing Archery Club entered the Six Villages American Tournament which is a tournament aimed at intermediate archers.  We had several members enter and being the hottest day of the year so far ( at least it definitely felt it), nice and warm was an understatement. Shooting was good with some personal bests achieved.

Nicky came second, the lady that came first did immensely well considering her string snapped half way through the competition!
Dan also got a silver - having too good a handicap to be considered with the rest of us.
Tom and Neil both got a Gold in their categories and Chris cleared out in the raffle.

Isla says:

I nominate James to get an award for folding Paul’s tent at the end of the day without seeing the instructions!  My shooting was rubbish but I still really enjoyed the day especiallly the BBQ and James’ amazing lemon cake.

Looking forward to the next comp people :)

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