Worthing Damsels in County Debut

Tuesday, 25 February 2020 15:28

On Saturday 22nd February 2020,  Kent  hosted a  4 Way Inter County  Competition at  Sittingbourne Community College. Archers from Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Essex congregated to undertake a Portsmouth Round, each County fielding a team of 4 archers in each of the  bow styles Compound, Recurve, Barebow and Longbow.

Due to clashes with other Archery commitments the Sussex team was missing several of their regular members which meant that  there were several new faces on the team. Having been encouraged by  their Worthing Club mates to submit  their  Competition scores to the County Rankings officer, it was with much surprise and trepidation that Jen Diplock and Nicky McDowell accepted their invitations to join the County Team. Together with seasoned County team Pro Gavin Sutherland, Worthing Archery Club was well represented.

At the midway point, the Recurve quartet were placed 4th and  the Compounders  were placed 2nd, Gavin having obtained the highest individual compound score. The Sussex Longbow archers were 3rd with an individual 2nd place and the Barebow team 4th also with an individual 2nd place, meaning that  the whole Sussex team finished in 3rd place overall.

Shooting alongside so many accomplished archers was quite awe inspiring, and maybe a little daunting, which despite their best efforts may have slightly affected Jen and Nicky on their debut performance, but as Jen said afterwards 'I met  lots of nice people, got some good advice,  and  got a nice new Archery Shirt!'

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Worthy Worthing Worcester Winners

Tuesday, 04 February 2020 12:01

When Worthing went to Arundown
A Worcester they did shoot
Avoiding winter weather
And wet and muddy boots.

60 Arrows shot in fives
Aiming at the spot
Trying for that perfect score
A miss they wanted not

Gavin and his Little Dan
Gathered in the Gold
Single, Double, Triple rounds
Their focus they did hold

Linda H and Nicky Mc
A Silver they did bag
And bare bow Jen soon found her form
And Bronze was hers to brag

In double rounds, for Nick and Jen
A Silver medal each
And don't forget intrepid James
A Flat bow Gold did reach

For Compound team, Gav and Linda
Became the glorious Golden Grinners
So all in all a happy team Of Worthy Worthing Worcester Winners

By Nicky McDowell

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Worthing Winners

Wednesday, 27 November 2019 14:37

On Sunday 17th November, Arundown Archery club held their 59th Indoor Tournament.  This  tournament is always very well attended by archers of all abilities from Beginners to County and even  National team standard from Clubs all over Sussex and surrounding counties.
Worthing archers were out in force, with a total of 9 members shooting over the course of the day in Single, Double and Triple Portsmouth Rounds. Warmed by the newly installed heaters in the usually icy cold Sports hall, Worthing archers were  soon basking in success.

First time competitors, Vic Addis and Jen Diplock soon got to grips with the anomalies of Indoor shooting, adjusting to the confined, noisy conditions and settling into holding their own against more seasoned  archers with years of experience.

Jen Diplock took home Silver medals for Ladies Barebow Single (459) and Double rounds (921).
Vic Addis was 7th in  the Gents Barebow Single round (480) and 4th in the Double Round (962).

In The Gents Recurve rounds, our largest contingent of archers  were placed as follows;

Single Round - Dan Mitchell Bronze medal  (561)
Dan Talbot 6th (551), Clive Talbot 18th (462) and Barrie Le Grove 19th(444)
Double Round - Dan Mitchell Bronze medal (1120)

Triple Round - Dan Mitchell Gold medal (1653)

In the Ladies Recurve Nicky McDowell (and Lady Paramount) took the Gold medal in Single (549) and Double rounds (1095)

The Gents Compound Unlimited once again saw Gavin Sutherland taking Gold in all three rounds,  (587, 1169, 1751) and 8 year old Dan Sutherland followed  in his Father's footsteps,  not only competing in all 3 sessions, (a grand total of 180 arrows),  but also taking the Gold medal in all three rounds of the Junior Gents(U12) Compound Unlimited.  (456 ,920, 1373)

 Collectively our archers achieved 13 medals, but the tally did not end there as Worthing came out top in the Club teams single round adding further Gold medals for the team of Gavin, Dan and Nicky, with team 2 (Dan Talbot, Vic Addis and Jen Diplock) taking 7th place.

This was a tremendous achievement by all those who took part. Well Done All!

Full details can be found at

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Success at Arundown's 55th Indoor Tournament

Monday, 20 November 2017 10:12

Sunday November 19th saw Arundown Archery Club hold their 55th Indoor Tournament and several members of our club entered including Dan Mitchell who kindly wrote these words.

Worthing AC had a fantastic day shooting Portsmouth rounds at Arundown Archery Club, Angmering. We brought home a few awards. Ricky Mitchell, in his first competition, took silver for the barebow double round. Nicky McDowell also took silver for the recurve double. Dan Mitchell came 3rd in the recurve single and 2nd in the double. Gavin Sutherland came 1st in both single and double, with his son, Daniel, winning his junior category.

Finally, Worthing's team - Isla, Gavin and Dan - came 2nd overall.

The full results for Worthing members can be seen below.

Ladies Recurve Freestyle Single Round

3rd - Isla Bezencon - Score 528
6th - Nicola McDowell - Score 502
10th - Annick Lydon (Junior) - Score 265 (11 years old)

Gentlemen Recurve Freestyle Single Round

3rd - Dan Mitchell - Score 560
27th - Barrie Le Grove - Score 445

Gentlemen Barebow Single Round

 4th - Ricky Mitchell - Score 414

Gentlemen Compound Unlimted Single Round

1st - Gavin Sutherland - Score 585
4th - Annick Lydon - Score 519
6th - Daniel Sutherland (Junior) - Score 461 (6 years old)

Ladies Recurve Freestyle Double Round

2nd - Nicola McDowell - Score 1030

Gentlemen Recurve Freestyle Double Round

2nd - Dan Mitchell - Score 1108

Gentlemen Barebow Double Round

2nd - Ricky Mitchell - Score 868

Gentlemen Compound Unlimited Double Round

1st - Gavin Sutherland - Score 1172

Gentlemen Compound Unlimited Triple Round

1st - Gavin Sutherland - Score 1758

Club Teams Single Round

2nd - Gavin Sutherland, Dan Mitchell, Isla Bezencon - Score 1673
8th - Nicola McDowell, Barrie Le Grove, Ricky Mitchell - Score 1361

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Target Rounds

Friday, 10 February 2017 14:43

There are many different rounds that can be shot both indoors and outdoors and broadly breakdown to either Metric or Imperial. Imperial rounds are the traditional rounds from Archery GB (governing body of archery in the UK) that are typically named after British cities. These rounds are shot at distances measured in yards. Metric rounds are shot at distances measured in meters and predominantly fall under the World Archery (formally FITA) governing body although there are also some metric rounds from Archery GB.

The following tables show the number of arrows (per dozen) shot at each distance for each specific round and the maximum score that can be achieved for that round. The tables also list what size target face is required and the scoring system that is used, either 5 zone or 10 zone.

5 Zone Scoring / Imperial Scoring

Target Face5 zone scoring is only used in Archery GB Imperial rounds. On a target face there are ten rings with the rings being in coloured pairs resulting in 5 colours. These 5 colours are the zones and are scored as follows:

Gold: 9
Red: 7
Blue: 5
Black: 3
White: 1

10 Zone Scoring / Metric Scoring

10 zone scoring is where each of the 10 rings has a different value with 10 being for the inner gold ring, 9 for the outer gold ring all the way down to 1 for the outer white ring. Many target faces number each ring accordingly, as can be seen in the picture above.

Archery GB Indoor Rounds

Indoor rounds such as a Portsmouth are shot in 3 arrow ends with 2 ends (6 arrows) of sighters and use metric scoring.

Archery GB Outdoor Rounds

Outdoor rounds such as a York are shot in 6 arrow ends with 1 end (6 arrows) of sighters and use imperial scoring. A 120cm target face is used and rounds involve multiple distances. The furthest distance is shot first and then the bosses are moved to the closer distance.

World Archery Indoor Rounds

All indoor rounds are shot in 3 arrow ends and archers also get 2 ends (6 arrows) of practice before scoring commences. Archers also have 2 minutes in which to shoot an end an 3 arrows. The metric, 10 zone scoring system is used.

World Archery Outdoor Rounds

A single outdoor round is shot at multiple distances with the furthest distance being shot first. The bosses are then moved closer to shoot the shorter distances. Archers are given 45 minutes of sighters at the furthest distance and the archer can shoot as many arrows as they like within this time. Distances 90, 70 and 60 metres are shot in 6 arrow ends using 120cm faces. The closer distances, 50 and 30 metres, are shot in 3 arrow ends using 80cm faces. For 6 arrow ends the archer is given 4 minutes to shoot, for 3 arrow ends they have 2 minutes. The metric, 10 zone scoring system is used.

Archery GB Imperial Outdoor Rounds (5 Zone Scoring)

Round Name100 Yards80 Yards60 Yards50 Yards40 Yards30 Yards20 Yards10 YardsMax Score
York642     1296
Hereford / Bristol I
 642    1296
Bristol II  642   1296
Bristol III   642  1296
Bristol IV    642 1296
Bristol V     6421296
St. George 33     972
Albion 333    972
Windsor  333   972
Short Windsor   333  972
Junior Windsor    333 972
Short Junior Windsor     333972
New Western44      864
Long Western 44     864
Western  44    864
Junior Western   44   864
Short Junior Western    44  864
American   810
St. Nicholas    43  756
New National42      648
Long National 42     648
National  42    648
Short National   42   648
Junior National    42  648
Short Junior National


New Warwick22      432
Long Warwick 22     432
Warwick  22    432
Short Warwick   22   432
Junior Warwick    22  432
Short Junior Warwick     22 432

Archery GB Outdoor Metric Rounds (10 Zone Scoring)

  122cm Target Face 80cm Target Face
Round Name 90 Meters 70 Meters 60 Meters 50 Meters 40 Meters 30 Meters 20 Meters 50 Meters 40 Meters 30 Meters 20 Meters 15 Meters 10 Meters Max Score
Metric I 3 3 3 3 1440
Metric II 3 3 3 3 1440
Metric III 3 3 3 3 1440
Metric IV 3 3 3 3 1440
Metric V 3 3 3 3 1440
Long Metric (Gentlemen) 3 3 720
Long Metric (Ladies) / Long Metric I 3 3 720
Long Metric II 3 3 720
Long Metric III 3 3 720
Long Metric IV 3 3 720
Long Metric V 3 3 720
Short Metric / Short Metric I 3 3 720
Short Metric II 3 3 720
Short Metric III 3 3 720
Short Metric IV 3 3 720
Short Metric V 3 3 720

World Archery (WA) Metric Outdoor Rounds (10 Zone Scoring)

 122cm Target Face80cm Target Face
Round Name90 Meters70 Meters60 Meters50 Meters40 Meters30 Meters20 Meters50 Meters40 Meters30 Meters20 Meters15 Meters10 MetersMax Score
WA 1440 (Gentlemen) 33     3 3   1440
WA 1440 (Ladies)  33     3 3   1440
WA 1440 (Cadet Ladies)   33     33   1440
WA 900  2.5 2.52.5        900
WA 720 (70 Meters)  6           720
WA 720 (60 Meters)            720
WA 720 (50 Meters)            720
WA Standard Bow Round
   3        720
Olympic Round Sets            Best of 3 or 5 Sets
Olympic Round (Cadet)  Sets           Best of 3 or 5 Sets
Compound Match        1.25     150

Archery GB Imperial Indoor Rounds (10 Zone Scoring)

Round Name Distance Face Size Dozens Max Score
Portsmouth 20 Yards 60cm 5 600
Bray I 20 Yards 40cm 2.5 300
Bray II 25 Yards 60cm 2.5 300

Archery GB Indoor Special Rounds

Round Name Distance Face Size Dozens Max Score
Stafford 30 Meters 80cm 6 720
Worcester 20 Yards 16" (5 Zone Scoring) 5 300
Vegas 18 Meters 3 Spot Triangle 5 600

World Archery (WA) Indoor Rounds (10 Zone Scoring)

Round Name 18 Meters
40cm Target Face
25 Meters
60cm Target Face
Max Score
WA18 5   600
WA25   5 600
WA Combined 5 5 1200
Recurve Match Sets   Best of 3
Compound Match 1.25   150
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Indoor Venue For Winter Shooting

Tuesday, 05 November 2013 22:32

We are delighted to announce that we have managed to secure an indoor venue for the winter season.

Whilst the field will remain open all year round for members to shoot whenever they wish, we now have a warmer alternative for those who don't relish the idea of standing out in the cold. Our new indoor venue will be in St. Peters Church Hall in Sompting on Bowness Avenue, a map to which can be found below. The hall not only has heating and a car park but kitchen facilities and toilets too.

We will be running indoor shooting twice a week, Wednesday night 8-10pm and Sunday afternoon 2pm-5pm. The cost for Wednesday is just £2 per person whilst Sunday's is £3 per person but this can include some coaching towards the end of the session. Please note that this is only open to members of Worthing Archery Club. The first indoor session of 2014 will be Sunday 5th January @ 2pm.

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