Sunburn League 2016 Final

Sunday, 23 October 2016 19:55
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The final of the 2016 Sunburn League was held today, Sunday 23rd October.

Whilst there was no chance of anyone getting sunburn today from the cold morning sun, everyone enjoyed the final round and waited around after the final arrows had been shot for the scores to be calculated and verified and the trophies to be handed out.

The full results of the Sunburn League can be viewed below but before we come on to that we would like to extend our thanks to everyone that entered but especially to our League Secretary, Paul Murray, who has worked so hard to organise and run the league this year. Paul has already said that we will be running the Sunburn League again next year so get practicing over the winter months and maybe next year you will be taking home one of the trophies!

It was a very tightly fought contest this year and after 6 rounds one trophy was decided by just one point. The full results were as follows:

Long Metric IV Highest Single Score Shot Trophy

1st: Louise Moorhouse-Booth - 1511
2nd: Barrie Le Grove - 1499
3rd: Barrie Le Grove - 1499

Long Metric III Highest Single Score Shot Trophy

1st: Barrie Le Grove - 1525
2nd: Clive Talbot - 1495
3rd: Andrew Walford - 1489

Long Metric II Highest Single Score Shot Trophy

1st: Bob Tutt - 1534
2nd: Bob Tutt - 1454
3rd: Bob Tutt - 1419

Long Metric I Highest Single Score Shot Trophy

1st: Daniel Talbot - 1523
2nd: Dan Ellis - 1489
3rd: Dan Ellis - 1489

Most Improved Handicap Trophy

1st: Barrie Le Grove - 8 (largest score difference over 2nd place)
2nd: Dan Ellis - 8
3rd: Daniel Talbot - 4 (largest score difference over 4th place)

Long Metric IV League Trophy

1st: Barrie Le Grove - 4344
2nd: Louise Moorhouse-Booth - 4343

Long Metric III League Trophy

1st: Andrew Walford - 4355
2nd: Paul Murray - 4349
3rd: Frank Hollis - 4257

Long Metric II League Trophy

1st: Bob Tutt - 4407

Long Metric I League Trophy

1st: Daniel Talbot - 4439
2nd: Dan Ellis - 4404
3rd: Andrew Hodgson - 4325

Sunburn League 2016 Grand Winner

1st: Barrie Le Grove - 4451
2nd: Daniel Talbot - 4439
3rd: Bob Tutt - 4407

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