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Saturday, 03 November 2018 19:09
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The final round of the Sunburn League 2018 was held last Sunday, 28th October and this year the annual competition went down to the wire. With every arrow vital for success all archers were trying their absolute hardest to win and each category was hard fought for. Yet again the Sunburn League has been a big success and has proved popular with lots of club members from our newest members through to our elite archers and we thank everyone for taking part, helping Paul set-up and take-down the targets and for making it fun and enjoyable experience. Also special thanks to “Master Chef” Ali and Trevor Vaughan for assisting with the transport of the BBQ and to our trophy presenters.

The results are now in and we are delighted to announce that the Grand Winner For 2018 is James Wilson who narrowly beat Chris Bruce-Hay into second place with an identical score of 4629. Many congratulations to James on this achievement after such a short time in the club.
Full results can be seen below:

Long Metric IV Highest Single Score Shot Trophy
1st Jill Lawrence - 1449
2nd Jill Lawrence - 1429
3rd Paul Woodford - 1413

Long Metric III Highest Single Score Shot Trophy
1st James Wilson - 1637
2nd James Wilson - 1541
3rd Chris Bruce-Hay - 1514

Long Metric II Highest Single Score Shot Trophy
1st Nicky McDowell – 1487
2nd Isla Bezencon – 1482
3rd Andrew Walford - 1451

Long Metric I Highest Single Score Shot Trophy
1st Trevor Little - 1486
2nd Neil Gunner - 1472
3rd - Paul Murray - 1469

Long Metric  Highest Single Score Shot Trophy
1st Neil Gunner – 1460
2nd Trevor Little – 1444
3rd Trevor Little - 1423

Long Metric IV League Trophy
1st Jill Lawrence - 4224
2nd Paul Woolford - 4203
3rd Trevor Vaughan - 1375

Long Metric III League Trophy
1st James Wilson - 4629
2nd Chris Bruce-Hay - 4480
3rd Barrie Le Grove - 4289

Long Metric II League Trophy
1st Nicky McDowell - 4365
2nd Andrew Walford – 4227
3rd Isla Bezencon - 1482

Long Metric I League Trophy
1st Neil Gunner - 4354
2nd Paul Murray - 4311
3rd Trevor Little - 2877

Long Metric League Trophy
1st Trevor Little – 4257
2nd Neil Gunner - 1460

Most Improved Handicap
1st James Wilson - 12
2nd Micky McDowell - 6
3rd – Neil Gunner - 5

1st JAMES WILSON - 4629
2nd Chris Bruce-Hay - 4629
3rd Neil Gunner - 4381

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