Sunburn League 2017

Tuesday, 21 February 2017 11:37
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Our 4th annual Sunburn League will be running throughout the outdoor season. For those of you that are new to the club or who haven't shot in previous years, the Sunburn League is open to all members of all abilities and bow types and is a great way to not only improve your handicap but also to achieve classifications up to Bowman and win a trophy.

The league works on the handicap system which means that all archers can compete against each other on an equal basis. It is entirely possible for a beginner to beat a seasoned archer as scores are based on your handicap and not just what you actually shoot. Not only that but archers compete against each other by shooting different rounds. This means that one archer might be shooting at 50M against another archer shooting at 90M, the handicap system takes all of this into account making it equal for all.

The Sunburn League uses variations of the Long Metric rounds details of which can be found below with each distance being a different league. Our League Secretary, Paul Murray will be organising the league so if you wish to enter any of the rounds please make sure you let Paul know ASAP as places do fill up fast

The Leagues

There will be 5 different leagues and each league will shoot a different distance.

The leagues will shooting the following rounds/distances:

Long Metric (90M & 70M)
Long Metric I (70M & 60M)
Long Metric II (60M & 50M)
Long Metric III (50M & 40M)
Long Metric IV (40M & 30M)

Each round consists of 3 dozen arrows at each distance.

Depending on gender, age and bow type the following classifications can be achieved:
Long Metric - Up to Bowman for all archers
Long Metric I - Up to Bowman for all except Senior Gents
Long Metric II - Up to Junior Bowman for most juniors, 1st Class for Senior Ladies and 2nd Class for Senior Gents
Long Metric III - Up to 2nd Class for Senior Ladies, 3rd Class for Senior Gents and Junior Bowman for most Juniors
Long Metric IV - Up to Junior Bowman depending on gender, age and bow type

The Rules

  1. You must have a valid handicap in order to enter the league subject to rule 1a
    1a. Archers who do not have a handicap may shoot in 3 rounds to one. However their scores will not be included in the leaderboards and so won't count towards an trophies until they have achieved a handicap. If you have not yet got a handicap than you can submit any 3 scored rounds to our records officer that have been shot this year at any time and one will be calculated for you.
  2. You can shoot in any league you wish.
  3. You can change leagues as many times as you want
  4. Your top 3 scores in any one league count towards the leader board for that particular league
  5. Your top 3 scores across all leagues count towards the leader board for the overall Sunburn League
  6. Scoring will use the 10 zone scoring system (X,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 for each ring of the target face)
  7. In the event of a tie (after adding the handicap allowance) the number of X's will determine the winner. Should there still be tie, the number of 10's, 9's etc until a winner is determined.

The Rounds

There are 6 rounds in this years Sunburn League. You don't have to shoot in every round as only your top 3 scores will count towards your total but the more rounds you enter the more chance you have of improving an earlier score. Each round will have an assembly at 9:15am with sighters starting promptly at 9:30am. Please make sure you arrive in time to set-up before. The dates for each round are as follows:

Round 1: May 14th 2017
Round 2: June 25th 2017
Round 3: July 16th 2017
Round 4: August 13th 2017
Round 5: September 17th 2017
Round 6: October 15th 2017

The Prizes

There will be trophies for the following winners:

Most Improved Handicap
Winner of the Long Metric IV League
Winner of the Long Metric III League
Winner of the Long Metric II League
Winner of the Long Metric I League
Winner of the Long Metric League
Overall Winner of the Sunburn League

The Sunburn League is a lot of fun and all members are welcome to join in, so get your bows tuned, get practicing and get ready for The Sunburn League 2017!

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