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Sunburn League 2015 Round 1

Monday, 20 April 2015 22:30

The Sunburn League 2015 has begun! Sunday 19th April saw round 1 of the new Sunburn League with more rounds, longer distances and more challenging.

Unlike last year, this year the Sunburn League is based on the various FITA/World Archery Long Metric rounds, namely the Long Metric IV, III, II, I and Long Metric. Whilst the sun was out so was the wind and with it cold temperatures, summer is on it's way but it's not here just yet! The wind also caused a few problems with several people reporting their arrows being blown this way and that and on more than one occasion a steady cross wind became a strong head wind just at the moment of release.

A big thank you to all that turned up to shoot and helped set up and pack away. A special thank you to our records officer Frank Hollis who came up to ensure all was running smoothly despite being too ill to shoot. Get well soon Frank!

Scores and photos from the day can be read below.

Please note the scores here have been verified and in some circumstances may differ from those shown on the leader-board photo due to either incorrect totaling on the score-sheet or a change in handicap etc.

The Winners

 Long Metric III:
1st: Gail Johnson 1445
2nd: James Camp 1424
3rd: Andrew Walford 1392

Long Metric II:
1st: Lee Newman 1464
2nd: Lloyd Mitchell 1387

Long Metric I:
1st: David Coates 1382
2nd: Julie Pede 1316

Long Metric:
1st: Dave Gregory 1428
2nd: Will Camp 1387

Full Results

Long Metric III Round 1

Name Score Shot Handicap Adjusted Score
Isla Bezencon 292 292
James Camp 479 1424
Jenni Camp 271 1253
Martin Folkes 510 510
Gail Johnson 406 1445
Oliver Johnson 534 1370
Andrew Walford 488 1392
Peter Dobson 500 500
Christian Kelly 240 240
Daryl Pike 379 379

Long Metric II Round 1

Name Score Shot Handicap Adjusted Score
Lloyd Mitchell 467 1387
Lee Newman 523 1464

Long Metric I Round 1

Name Score Shot Handicap Adjusted Score
Julie Pede 535 1316
David Coates 550 1382

Long Metric Round 1

Name Score Shot Handicap Adjusted Score
Will Camp 577 1387
Dave Gregory
547 1428
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