Our New Level 2 Coaches

Wednesday, 27 November 2019 14:25

After a long year of hard learning, over 24hr hours of supported coaching and a lot of support from our club members, other coaches and our families and friends… Paul and Isla have finally qualified as Level 2 Coaches! From the New Year they will try and be available on Sundays to help support you with your coaching.

It has been an ongoing battle for them to try and balance their home-life/their own shooting with coaching and they will always try and help members with any questions/issues they have.  Please bear in mind that if they don’t have a coach shirt on they may be trying to squeeze in some shooting for themselves. However, it has been very rewarding to see the progress in their learners.  If you would like some coaching or just some tips then do let them know.  It will help if you have a think about short, medium and long-term goals before hand and they will then apply some of the knowledge they have learnt over the year.

Happy Shooting!

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Three New Coaches

Wednesday, 06 February 2019 20:02

Worthing Archery Club is delighted to announce that it has three new Level 1 coaches bringing the clubs total to 7 coaches.  Linda (Membership Secretary), Nicky and Neil (Treasurer) successfully completed their 1st4sport coaching course and assessment. With much self-determination and many hours of practice they achieved their much deserved goal. The course was a challenging process, which tested their resolve in more ways than they expected and the final assessment was six hours outside is near freezing temperatures.

They would like to offer their thanks to their mentors, and existing club coaches, Isla, Paul and Andrew for all their help and support.

They all look forward to honing their newly acquired skills at the next beginners courses this April.

Any club member wishing some further coaching is encouraged to contact any of our coaches who will be more than happy to arrange a time to work with you on developing your form and technique.

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Disability Archery

Tuesday, 11 December 2018 12:12

Archery is an inclusive sport, a sport that anyone with a disability can participate in with just a little pre-planning and minor modifications. Accessibility to the shooting line for example, can be achieved by a helpful push of a wheelchair and collecting arrows and scoring can be done by other club members. We at Worthing Archery Club will help in any way we can to accomodate anyone with a disability whether you wish to shoot casually or aspire to shoot for the County or even for Great Britain.

History of Disabled Archery

The bow is one of the earliest forms of weapons and so archery has been around almost since the dawn of mankind. Whilst it is probable that in that time individuals with a disability learned to shoot a bow out of necessity and later for leisure it wasn't really until the 1940's when archery was actively thought of as a sport that disabled people could not only participate in but also compete in.

Dr Ludwig Guttman organised an archery and javelin competition for patients at what originally was called the Ministry of Pensions Spinal Centre at Stoke Mandeville Hospital held on 28 July 1948 to coincide with the opening of the 1948 Olympic Games. These modest beginnings of an archery competition with 14 male and two female competitors, led to the creation of an annual Stoke-Mandeville Games and later the Paralympic Games was born. When the first Paralympics was held in 1960 in Rome, para archery was part of the programme where it has remained ever since.

Dr. Ludwig Guttmann

Adaptive equipment may not be necessary, but it is allowed. Some of the adaptations allowed are:

  • Mechanical releases for the bow, mouth tabs, slings, or bow mounts for people who have limited arm movement.
  • An assistant may nock the arrow onto the bow.
  • Strapping can be used to keep the body supported and/or on the chair
  • Sighting aids may be used,
  • Equipment may be used such as a wheelchair bow stringer, bow sling, amputee adapter device, or adapted archery bow.

If you would like to take your archery further then we can arrange for classification at Stoke Mandaville thorough the British Wheelchair Archery Association if required and we can also get professional advice from the BWAA on any adaptions that may be required to help you with your archery.

Worthing Archery Club is fully compliant with the Equality Act 2010 with regard to reasonable adjustments direct and indirect discrimination. We are however limited to what we can do to the land due to the landowner and the ground can become quite muddy but if you are determined it shouldn’t be a limiting factor.

You’re welcome to come along and see our facilities before you take a beginner’s course -please contact our Secretary to arrange a convenient date and time.

A disability shouldn’t be a barrier to enjoying archery.

Wheelchair Archer

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October 2018 Beginners Course

Saturday, 03 November 2018 19:35

The weekend of October 6th/7th saw our last beginners course of the year. An eager group of ten budding archers were greated by our team of 7 coaches and assistants who made them feel welcome and took them through the basics of both Barebow and Olympic Recurve shooting. As always the prime concern on the day was safety but a close second was making it fun and enjoyable. With the guidance of our coaches it wasn't long at all before our beginners were all shooting with good form and grouping well.

As we always do on our beginners courses our coaches also took our beginners through many of the different types of bows from the standard recurve, to compound, longbow, horsebows and American Flatbows. During some of the tea breaks the coashes answered many of the questions people had and shared lots of helpful information on what to do and more importantly, what not to do when it comes to buying your first bow as well explaining our clubs bow loan scheme.

The course was a big success and yet again we thank our coaches, assistants and volunteers who gave up their weekend to help others get into the sport we all love. Photos from the day can be seen below.

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Club Officers

Friday, 10 February 2017 20:58

Below is the list of committee members and non executive officers of Worthing Archery Club. The committee is elected by the club members at our AGM for a term not exceeding two years. Committee members wishing to remain in post after this time must be re-elected at the AGM. Any full member of Worthing Archery Club can stand for election for any position on the committee and must fill in a nomination form and be proposed and seconded by two other club members. Please see our constitution for full details.

Committee Members


Barrie Le Grove

Barrie Le Grove

Barrie shoots recurve and took over as Chairman in September 2020 you can contact him about Club Grounds, Buildings and complaints.


Geoff Watkins

Geoff Watkins

Geoff was elected onto the committee in March 2020 and became the club secretary in September 2020. You can contact him for Beginners courses, new members, club administration and any miscellaneous questions.


Neil Gunner

Neil Gunner

Neil was elected as Treasurer at the 2017 AGM and shoots both barebow and compound. You can contact Neil about deposits and refunds for beginners bow hire, club finances and club equipment and other financial matters.

Safeguarding Officer

Paul Murray

Paul Murray

Paul was elected to Safeguarding Officer in September 2020

Committee Member

Mike Ellis

Mike Ellis

Mike was elected onto the committee in September 2020

Club Officials

League Secretary

Paul Murray

Paul Murray

Paul joined the club in 2015 and shoots recurve. You can contact him about club and interclub tournaments, Albion Frostbite & Sunburn Leagues.

Records Officer

Frank Hollis

Frank Hollis

Frank became Records Officer in 2013 and shoots recurve. You can contact him about submitting completed score sheets, questions on different archery rounds, classifications and handicaps.


Oliver Johnson

Oliver Johnson

Oliver Johnson runs our website. Oliver designed and built this site in 2013. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions about the website please contact Oliver by clicking on the link below.

Club Coaches

Isla Bezencon

Isla Bezencon
Isla took up archery in 2012 and currently holds a 1st Class Classification in Barebow. Isla qualified as an Archery GB Level 2 coach in 2019 and regularly organises and coaches on our beginners courses throughout the year.

Paul Murray

Paul Murray
Paul Murray took up archery in 2015 and has thrown himself into archery. As well as being voted onto the committee and being League Secretary, Paul qualified as an Archery GB Level 2 Coach in 2019.

Andrew Walford

Andrew Walford
Andrew took up archery in 2014 and has been a regular helper on our beginner courses ever since. Andrew qualified as an Archery GB Level 1 Coach in 2016.

Neil Gunner

Neil Gunner
Club Treasurer, Neil qualified as an Archery GB Level 1 coach in 2019. He shoots compound and flatbow, amongst many others, and has encouraged many club members to try traditional forms of archery with great success.

Linda Howarth

Linda Howarth 13
Linda qualified as an Archery GB Level 1 coach in 2019. She shoots both recurve and flatbow and has been a regular helper on our beginner courses since she joined the club.

Nicky McDowell

Nicky McDowell
Nicky qualified as an Archery GB Level 1 coach in 2019. She shoots recurve and has been a keen competitor in the clubs Sunburn League Tournament, being the 2017 club champion.

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Club Coaches

Monday, 06 February 2017 21:29

We are very pleased to announce that we now have 6 new coaches at our club.

Isla Bezencon, Oliver Johnson, Andrew Walford and Malcolm Jukes all recently qualified as Level 1 Archery coaches in the summer last year with Paul Murray and Stuart Judd qualifying in January 2017 . As Level 1 coaches, Isla, Oliver, Andrew & Malcolm. Paul and Stuart will primarily be there to support and help our beginners but in the near future some of our Level 1 coaches will begin their training to become Level 2 coaches who will then be able to coach intermediates.

If you would like some coaching then please ask one of our new coaches. They will be able to either offer you some quick advice or put together a more comprehensive plan to assist you with any particular problem you feel you are having. All of our coaches will be glad to help but I'm sure everyone will understand that they are all volunteers who do this in their free time. As such, there will be times when they are at the field to shoot themselves or they may be there to coach another club member. On these days they may not be able to help you immediately but will be happy to arrange an alternative time when they are available.


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Beginners Courses

Monday, 06 February 2017 11:51

Membership of Worthing Archery Club is open to anyone over the age of 10 years (younger children may be accepted at the discretion of the Committee).  Any person wishing to join the Club must: have successfully completed a recognised beginners course; or be a current member of Archery GB and undergo an assessment by one of our coaches.   All members and beginners must abide by the Archery GB Rules of Shooting and follow all safety requirements and any specific club rules.

Our beginners courses are designed to not only get you shooting quickly, but to do so safely. The courses take place during the summer months and typically run for two half days over a weekend.  All necessary equipment is provided.  The courses are amongst the most popular in Sussex and fill up fast. We recommend joining our waiting list so that we can get you on the first available course. You can do this by contacting our Secretary.

E-Mail Secretary

2021 Course Timetable

All of the following 2021 courses are full.  Please email the Secretary if you wish to be added to the list for cancellations this year or to the waiting list for 2022 courses.
The 2022 timetable will be published early in the year.

Beginner Courses Cost £65* and Include the Following

  • Duration

    Courses run for 8hrs in total which are typically split into 2x 4hr sessions held over two days. Unless otherwise stated these sessions are always held on a weekend.

  • All Equipment Provided

    Recurve bows, sights, arrows, and all safety equipment is provided. Please make sure you wear suitable footwear, no sandals or high heeled shoes. Courses typically take place at our field which can get muddy in poor weather so sturdy boots are ideal.

  • Health & Safety & Range Safety Explained

    Whilst archery is a safe sport and suitable for all ages, it is essential to understand a few fundamental do's and don'ts to ensure your safety and of those around you.

  • Introduction to Barebow Shooting

    We typically start shooting barebow teaching you the same principles used in traditional archery like that of the English Longbow.

  • Introduction to Recurve Shooting

    After learning how to shoot barebow we will then teach you how to shoot a recurve bow like those used at the Olympic Games.

  • Refreshments Provided

    In archery you'll be using muscles that most people don't typically use in their everyday lives and so taking regular breaks is required to ensure you don't strain anything. During these breaks tea, coffee and light refreshments are provided and we will also use this time to talk you through other aspects of archery.

  • Development of Correct Form

    Archery is all about form, posture, body position and alignment, and is something that archers continually work on. Our coaches will work with you to start to develop 'T form' and on your release to improve accuracy and consistency.

  • Qualified Coaching

    The courses will be lead by our team of qualified coaches who will ensure that beginners receive the correct training and equipment and that they are safe at all times.

  • Fully Insured

    All beginners are covered by our insurance policy.

* the course fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

After The Course

On completion of the course, all successful beginners, i.e. those who are able to demonstrate the required level of competence, are issued with a certificate, and are then eligible to join the club (or any other Archery GB affiliated club in the UK).

All members are expected to have their own equipment.  The Club runs a short-term bow hire scheme (subject to availability) and we highly recommend new members take advantage of this opportunity.  Purchasing your own equipment when new to the sport can be costly and you will outperform this equipment quickly. Within a few weeks/months of regular practice your technique and strength will improve.  At this point you will be able to make properly informed choices.  Our coaches will happily talk through your options and needs before purchasing your first bow.

The Club’s target field and field course are open to members seven days per week during daylight hours* and all members are expected to comply with Archery GB’s solo shooting rules.  Our members are a friendly bunch and if you have any queries (no matter how apparently minor) then simply ask them or contact our coaches.  They can usually point you in the right direction.

The Club has a Junior Section and Junior members usually shoot on Sundat mornings, with sessions led by one of our qualified coaches.   Of course, outside the managed sessions Juniors are welcome at the club at any time, but those under 16 years old must be always accompanied by a parent or guardian when shooting.

* The Club’s facilities are occasionally closed during the pheasant season (October to February) and may occasionally be closed due to other specific events.

Feedback From Previous Courses

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