October 2018 Beginners Course Featured

Saturday, 03 November 2018 19:35

The weekend of October 6th/7th saw our last beginners course of the year. An eager group of ten budding archers were greated by our team of 7 coaches and assistants who made them feel welcome and took them through the basics of both Barebow and Olympic Recurve shooting. As always the prime concern on the day was safety but a close second was making it fun and enjoyable. With the guidance of our coaches it wasn't long at all before our beginners were all shooting with good form and grouping well.

As we always do on our beginners courses our coaches also took our beginners through many of the different types of bows from the standard recurve, to compound, longbow, horsebows and American Flatbows. During some of the tea breaks the coashes answered many of the questions people had and shared lots of helpful information on what to do and more importantly, what not to do when it comes to buying your first bow as well explaining our clubs bow loan scheme.

The course was a big success and yet again we thank our coaches, assistants and volunteers who gave up their weekend to help others get into the sport we all love. Photos from the day can be seen below.

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