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Our next begginners courses will be held on:
25th - 26th April 2020 (FULL)
2nd - 3rd May (FULL)

Please contact the secretary to be added to the waiting list for our next course. Our courses are always over subscribed so please register your interest early.

Membership is open to anyone over the age of 10 years old (younger children may be accepted at the discretion of the committee) although juniors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times whilst shooting. The junior section of Worthing Archery Club is run by Doreen Cannon. Doreen is an archer with many years experience and also our child protection officer. Please contact Isla for further information on our Junior section. Any adult wishing to join the club must have successfully completed a recognised beginners course or be a current member of Archery GB. All members and beginners must abide by the Archery GB Rules of Shooting and follow all safety requirements and any specific club rules.

If you would like to take up archery you need to go on a Beginners Course which are designed to not only get you shooting quickly but to do so safely. Our beginners courses run during the summer months and are typically run for two whole days over one or two weekends.

Our courses are some of the most popular in Sussex and we typically run at least three courses a year. Due to their popularity our courses fill up fast so we would recommend joining our waiting list so that we can get you on the first available course. You can do this by contacting our secretary.

We normally hold beginners courses during summer months. Our beginner’s course operates to strict safety standards but it is also designed to make your initial experience of archery an enjoyable one.

Beginner Courses Cost £65* and Include the Following

  • Duration

    Courses run for 8hrs in total which are typically split into 2x 4hr sessions held over two days. Unless otherwise stated these sessions are always held on a weekend.

  • All Equipment Provided

    Recurve bows, sights, arrows, and all safety equipment is provided. Please make sure you wear suitable footwear, no sandals or high heeled shoes. Courses typically take place at our field which can get muddy in poor weather so sturdy boots are ideal.

  • Health & Safety & Range Safety Explained

    Whilst archery is a safe sport and suitable for all ages, it is essential to understand a few fundamental do's and don'ts to ensure your safety and of those around you.

  • Introduction to Barebow Shooting

    We typically start shooting barebow teaching you the same principles used in traditional archery like that of the English Longbow.

  • Introduction to Recurve Shooting

    After learning how to shoot barebow we will then teach you how to shoot a recurve bow like those used at the Olympic Games.

  • Refreshments Provided

    In archery you'll be using muscles that most people don't typically use in their everyday lives and so taking regular breaks is required to ensure you don't strain anything. During these breaks tea, coffee and light refreshments are provided and we will also use this time to talk you through other aspects of archery.

  • Development of Correct Form

    Archery is all about form, posture, body position and alignment, and is something that archers continually work on. Our coaches will work with you to start to develop 'T form' and on your release to improve accuracy and consistency.

  • Qualified Coaching

    The courses will be lead by our team of qualified coaches who will ensure that beginners receive the correct training and equipment and that they are safe at all times.

  • Fully Insured

    All beginners are covered by our insurance policy.

* the course fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

After The Course

On completion of the course, all successful beginners, i.e. those who are able to demonstrate the required level of competence, are issued with a certificate, and are then eligible to join the club. All members are expected to have their own equipment. However, if you are a beginner, then we strongly advise that you do not buy any equipment before first speaking to one of our coaches because it is very easy to spend money on equipment that looks okay but is in fact not right for you. When you join Worthing Archery Club, you are welcome to shoot alongside regular club members and, if you have any queries (no matter how trivial they may appear), then simply ask. Our members are a friendly bunch and can usually point you in the right direction! Club target days are Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but when you reach a certain standard you will be able to shoot on any day of the week. However, you must abide by Archery GBs rules of shooting including Solo Shooting.

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