Wednesday, 13 February 2019 22:35

Round 4 Frostbite 2018/2019

Sunday 10th February saw the fourth and penultimate Frostbite shoot of the 2018/19 winter season. Despite the threat of wind and rain we had a descent turnout with a strong contingent of bare bow archers.

The results were as follows:
Recurve Team A (Competing against Westcott Archer)

Nicky McDowell 302
Clive Poland  280
Paul Murray 279
Total 861

Recurve Team B (Competing against Bannockburn Bowman)

Jordan Wilkins 278
James Wilson 234
Vic Addis (BB) 232
Total 744

Compound Team (Competing against Royal Richmond)

Neil Gunner 331
Graham Whittington  314
Martin Kenny  311
Total 956

The season finale is on Sunday, 3 March.  If last year was anything to go by we can expect snow!

Wednesday, 06 February 2019 20:02

Three New Coaches

Worthing Archery Club is delighted to announce that it has three new Level 1 coaches bringing the clubs total to 7 coaches.  Linda (Membership Secretary), Nicky and Neil (Treasurer) successfully completed their 1st4sport coaching course and assessment. With much self-determination and many hours of practice they achieved their much deserved goal. The course was a challenging process, which tested their resolve in more ways than they expected and the final assessment was six hours outside is near freezing temperatures.

They would like to offer their thanks to their mentors, and existing club coaches, Isla, Paul and Andrew for all their help and support.

They all look forward to honing their newly acquired skills at the next beginners courses this April.

Any club member wishing some further coaching is encouraged to contact any of our coaches who will be more than happy to arrange a time to work with you on developing your form and technique.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018 12:12

Disability Archery

Archery is an inclusive sport, a sport that anyone with a disability can participate in with just a little pre-planning and minor modifications. Accessibility to the shooting line for example, can be achieved by a helpful push of a wheelchair and collecting arrows and scoring can be done by other club members. We at Worthing Archery Club will help in any way we can to accomodate anyone with a disability whether you wish to shoot casually or aspire to shoot for the County or even for Great Britain.

History of Disabled Archery

The bow is one of the earliest forms of weapons and so archery has been around almost since the dawn of mankind. Whilst it is probable that in that time individuals with a disability learned to shoot a bow out of necessity and later for leisure it wasn't really until the 1940's when archery was actively thought of as a sport that disabled people could not only participate in but also compete in.

Dr Ludwig Guttman organised an archery and javelin competition for patients at what originally was called the Ministry of Pensions Spinal Centre at Stoke Mandeville Hospital held on 28 July 1948 to coincide with the opening of the 1948 Olympic Games. These modest beginnings of an archery competition with 14 male and two female competitors, led to the creation of an annual Stoke-Mandeville Games and later the Paralympic Games was born. When the first Paralympics was held in 1960 in Rome, para archery was part of the programme where it has remained ever since.

Dr. Ludwig Guttmann

Adaptive equipment may not be necessary, but it is allowed. Some of the adaptations allowed are:

  • Mechanical releases for the bow, mouth tabs, slings, or bow mounts for people who have limited arm movement.
  • An assistant may nock the arrow onto the bow.
  • Strapping can be used to keep the body supported and/or on the chair
  • Sighting aids may be used,
  • Equipment may be used such as a wheelchair bow stringer, bow sling, amputee adapter device, or adapted archery bow.

If you would like to take your archery further then we can arrange for classification at Stoke Mandaville thorough the British Wheelchair Archery Association if required and we can also get professional advice from the BWAA on any adaptions that may be required to help you with your archery.

Worthing Archery Club is fully compliant with the Equality Act 2010 with regard to reasonable adjustments direct and indirect discrimination. We are however limited to what we can do to the land due to the landowner and the ground can become quite muddy but if you are determined it shouldn’t be a limiting factor.

You’re welcome to come along and see our facilities before you take a beginner’s course -please contact our Secretary to arrange a convenient date and time.

A disability shouldn’t be a barrier to enjoying archery.

Wheelchair Archer

Saturday, 03 November 2018 19:35

October 2018 Beginners Course

The weekend of October 6th/7th saw our last beginners course of the year. An eager group of ten budding archers were greated by our team of 7 coaches and assistants who made them feel welcome and took them through the basics of both Barebow and Olympic Recurve shooting. As always the prime concern on the day was safety but a close second was making it fun and enjoyable. With the guidance of our coaches it wasn't long at all before our beginners were all shooting with good form and grouping well.

As we always do on our beginners courses our coaches also took our beginners through many of the different types of bows from the standard recurve, to compound, longbow, horsebows and American Flatbows. During some of the tea breaks the coashes answered many of the questions people had and shared lots of helpful information on what to do and more importantly, what not to do when it comes to buying your first bow as well explaining our clubs bow loan scheme.

The course was a big success and yet again we thank our coaches, assistants and volunteers who gave up their weekend to help others get into the sport we all love. Photos from the day can be seen below.

Saturday, 03 November 2018 19:09

Sunburn League 2018 Results

The final round of the Sunburn League 2018 was held last Sunday, 28th October and this year the annual competition went down to the wire. With every arrow vital for success all archers were trying their absolute hardest to win and each category was hard fought for. Yet again the Sunburn League has been a big success and has proved popular with lots of club members from our newest members through to our elite archers and we thank everyone for taking part, helping Paul set-up and take-down the targets and for making it fun and enjoyable experience. Also special thanks to “Master Chef” Ali and Trevor Vaughan for assisting with the transport of the BBQ and to our trophy presenters.

The results are now in and we are delighted to announce that the Grand Winner For 2018 is James Wilson who narrowly beat Chris Bruce-Hay into second place with an identical score of 4629. Many congratulations to James on this achievement after such a short time in the club.
Full results can be seen below:

Long Metric IV Highest Single Score Shot Trophy
1st Jill Lawrence - 1449
2nd Jill Lawrence - 1429
3rd Paul Woodford - 1413

Long Metric III Highest Single Score Shot Trophy
1st James Wilson - 1637
2nd James Wilson - 1541
3rd Chris Bruce-Hay - 1514

Long Metric II Highest Single Score Shot Trophy
1st Nicky McDowell – 1487
2nd Isla Bezencon – 1482
3rd Andrew Walford - 1451

Long Metric I Highest Single Score Shot Trophy
1st Trevor Little - 1486
2nd Neil Gunner - 1472
3rd - Paul Murray - 1469

Long Metric  Highest Single Score Shot Trophy
1st Neil Gunner – 1460
2nd Trevor Little – 1444
3rd Trevor Little - 1423

Long Metric IV League Trophy
1st Jill Lawrence - 4224
2nd Paul Woolford - 4203
3rd Trevor Vaughan - 1375

Long Metric III League Trophy
1st James Wilson - 4629
2nd Chris Bruce-Hay - 4480
3rd Barrie Le Grove - 4289

Long Metric II League Trophy
1st Nicky McDowell - 4365
2nd Andrew Walford – 4227
3rd Isla Bezencon - 1482

Long Metric I League Trophy
1st Neil Gunner - 4354
2nd Paul Murray - 4311
3rd Trevor Little - 2877

Long Metric League Trophy
1st Trevor Little – 4257
2nd Neil Gunner - 1460

Most Improved Handicap
1st James Wilson - 12
2nd Micky McDowell - 6
3rd – Neil Gunner - 5

1st JAMES WILSON - 4629
2nd Chris Bruce-Hay - 4629
3rd Neil Gunner - 4381

Monday, 02 July 2018 18:15

Six Villages American Tournament

On Sunday 1st July Worthing Archery Club entered the Six Villages American Tournament which is a tournament aimed at intermediate archers.  We had several members enter and being the hottest day of the year so far ( at least it definitely felt it), nice and warm was an understatement. Shooting was good with some personal bests achieved.

Nicky came second, the lady that came first did immensely well considering her string snapped half way through the competition!
Dan also got a silver - having too good a handicap to be considered with the rest of us.
Tom and Neil both got a Gold in their categories and Chris cleared out in the raffle.

Isla says:

I nominate James to get an award for folding Paul’s tent at the end of the day without seeing the instructions!  My shooting was rubbish but I still really enjoyed the day especiallly the BBQ and James’ amazing lemon cake.

Looking forward to the next comp people :)

Wednesday, 09 May 2018 08:28

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A new National Rankings League for Longbow and Barebow has been launched by Barry Du-Crow of Southampton Archery Club (Archery GB Ranked No.1 in Longbow 2016.17) in collaboration with Archery GB. The Longbow League is sponsored by The Longbow Shop who are providing winners trophies and 2nd 3rd medals in the following categories. GMB, MB, Bowmen and below, for both Ladies and Gents. The Barebow League which is being run by Nick Hayball also of Southampton Archery Club has also been sponsored by The Archery Shop and has gained £200 of prize money in Archery Shop Vouchers.

The required rounds to gain a ranking and league position for both Longbow and Barebow are:
2 x WA720 rounds
2 x wa1440 rounds
1 x York/Hereford (depending on whether Gent or Lady)
These must be Record Status Tournaments.

The website for both leagues is up and running and can be found at

Friday, 23 March 2018 15:09

Frostbite League 2017/2018

The last round of this years Frostbite League took place at the field last Sunday, 18th March. The "Beast From The East" certainly made for the coldest shooting conditions so far making the league really live up to it's name. Despite the snow and ice 9 brave club members were not put off by elements and turned up to represent their club.

Paul Murray our League Secretary would like to thank everyone that took part in the Frostbite League this year and especially to those that turned out on Sunday in the horrendous conditions of Snow, Ice, Mud and Arctic winds. Your dedication and commitment was and is very much appreciated. The scores from Sunday were as follows:

Compound Team
Neil Gunner – 315
Graham Whittington – 307
Kieron Wharton – 304

Recurve Team A
Dan Mitchell – 294
Clive Poland – 266
Paul Murray – 237

Recurve Team B
Nicky McDowell – 232
Chris Bruce-Hay – 227
Barrie Le Grove – 205

Don't forget that the Sunburn League starts in May so hopefully the weather will be much warmer and drier by then!

Wednesday, 17 January 2018 21:01

Awards For Doreen

Many of our members will know Doreen and all the work she does with our Junior members and some of you might be also be aware that Doreen was recently awarded a bronze plaquette for her long service to archery.  As Isla, our club secretary says "anyone who can be a club official for over 5 yrs deserves an award, let alone 50yrs as Secretary!"

In recognition of not only all her hard work but also her commitment to the club, the committee decided that we should get her something ourselves. Unfortunately Doreen has been unwell for the last few weeks and hasn't been able to make it up to the club, so Isla visited her at home and she was delighted with the small gifts.

Doreen is hoping to get back to the field this weekend to give some of her own gifts to the juniors.  All at Worthing Archery Club wish her a speedy recovery.

Doreens Award

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