Wednesday, 19 June 2019 13:56

Sunburn League 2019 - Round 2

Despite the inclement conditions of the Great British summer a dozen archers turned out for round two of this season’s “sunburn” competition. The leader board currently looks as follows:

Long Metric

Trevor Little


Long Metric I

Paul Murray


Long Metric II

Ron Wingrove


Long Metric III

Vic Addis


Long Metric IV

Bryn Davis


The league secretary has promised to try harder to arrange for better weather for round three, which will be held on Sunday, 28 July.

Tuesday, 04 June 2019 15:23

Ditchling Windsor 2019

On Sunday 2nd June, three members of the club participated in the annual Ditchling Windsor competition. Approximately 40 adult archers and 4 Juniors from clubs all over the county gathered on Ditchling's Club field in the warm sunshine and a gentle breeze.

Dan Mitchell won Gold in the Gents Recurve scoring an impressive 922 out of a possible 972 points. Nicky McDowell won Silver in the Ladies Recurve, and James Wilson avoided the Slow cooker on offer in the raffle and took home some Cider for himself and some Waitrose Vouchers for his wife - and a PB score.

A good day was had by all at a well organised and friendly competition.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019 14:20

General Scoresheet

The scoresheet that can be downloaded from the bottom of this page can be used to score any round (with the exception of the Sunburn League as this uses handicap scores). Please ensure that the scoresheet is complete detailing the round shot and to have it counter signed by another archer before submitting it to the records officer.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019 13:29

252 Award Scoresheet

Scoresheets for the 252 Award can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the page.

Please ensure that all scoresheets are completed and counter signed by another archer before submitting them to the records officer.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019 12:45

Sunburn League 2019 - Round 1

The first round of this summer’s Sunburn league was held last Sunday (26th May).  We had a large turnout of archers, including quite a few new members.

The results were good with a number of handicaps being reduced.  The leader board currently looks as follows:

Long Metric Trevor Little 1485
Long Metric I/Ladies Long Metric Nicky McDowell 1403
Long Metric II Linda Howarth 1457
Long Metric III Vic Addis (Barebow) 1488
Long Metric IV Bryn Davis 1529


A special mention goes to Trevor Little and Linda Howarth for all gold ends at 90 and 60 metres (respectively).

If any members haven’t shot in the league before, but want to please sign up for round 2 on 16 June.  It is a fun, relaxed atmosphere with friendly support from everyone.

Wednesday, 27 March 2019 22:06

New Eco-Toilet Installed

We are pleased to announce that our new eco-toilet has been installed and it was officially opened on Sunday, 24th March 2019 by Freya Bezencon.
The club would like to thank everyone involved with its acquisition and installation, particularly Neil Gunner for sourcing both the toilet and the funding, Graham Whittington for arranging transportation, Trevor Vaughan for constructing the base and the ramp, and Dan Mitchell for the plumbing advice.
The committee would like to thank the Community Fund of the National Lottery for their generous grant that made the provision of the new toilet possible.

If you notice that the toilet needs restocking or attention please email one of the committee members so they can resolve the issue.  If they don’t know; they can’t fix it.

Monday, 04 March 2019 12:43

Frostbite 2019 Round 5

The fifth and final Frostbite shoot of the 2018/19 season last Sunday, 3rd March, was a wet and windy occasion.  The unfavourable weather conditions did not deter a respectable number of members attending. A big “thank you” is needed for Paul Murray for organising and arranging this season’s Frostbite tournament, although if he could try harder on organising better weather next year it would be appreciated!

The results were as follows:

Freya Bezencon (BB)  129


Recurve Team A (competing against Pendle & Samlesbury)
Jordan Wilkins  285
Clive Poland  280
Barrie Le Grove 252
Total 817

Recurve Team B (competing against Sutton Coldfield)
Paul Murray  250
Isla Bezencon 231
Vic Addis (BB) 214
Total 695

Compound Team (competing against Friars’ Gate Archers)
Neil Gunner 320
Graham Whittington  294
Martin Kenny  291
Total 905

With the winter season concluded, we are now looking forward to the start of the summer season with the first Sunburn shoot on 26th May.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019 22:35

Round 4 Frostbite 2018/2019

Sunday 10th February saw the fourth and penultimate Frostbite shoot of the 2018/19 winter season. Despite the threat of wind and rain we had a descent turnout with a strong contingent of bare bow archers.

The results were as follows:
Recurve Team A (Competing against Westcott Archer)

Nicky McDowell 302
Clive Poland  280
Paul Murray 279
Total 861

Recurve Team B (Competing against Bannockburn Bowman)

Jordan Wilkins 278
James Wilson 234
Vic Addis (BB) 232
Total 744

Compound Team (Competing against Royal Richmond)

Neil Gunner 331
Graham Whittington  314
Martin Kenny  311
Total 956

The season finale is on Sunday, 3 March.  If last year was anything to go by we can expect snow!

Wednesday, 06 February 2019 20:02

Three New Coaches

Worthing Archery Club is delighted to announce that it has three new Level 1 coaches bringing the clubs total to 7 coaches.  Linda (Membership Secretary), Nicky and Neil (Treasurer) successfully completed their 1st4sport coaching course and assessment. With much self-determination and many hours of practice they achieved their much deserved goal. The course was a challenging process, which tested their resolve in more ways than they expected and the final assessment was six hours outside is near freezing temperatures.

They would like to offer their thanks to their mentors, and existing club coaches, Isla, Paul and Andrew for all their help and support.

They all look forward to honing their newly acquired skills at the next beginners courses this April.

Any club member wishing some further coaching is encouraged to contact any of our coaches who will be more than happy to arrange a time to work with you on developing your form and technique.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018 12:12

Disability Archery

Archery is an inclusive sport, a sport that anyone with a disability can participate in with just a little pre-planning and minor modifications. Accessibility to the shooting line for example, can be achieved by a helpful push of a wheelchair and collecting arrows and scoring can be done by other club members. We at Worthing Archery Club will help in any way we can to accomodate anyone with a disability whether you wish to shoot casually or aspire to shoot for the County or even for Great Britain.

History of Disabled Archery

The bow is one of the earliest forms of weapons and so archery has been around almost since the dawn of mankind. Whilst it is probable that in that time individuals with a disability learned to shoot a bow out of necessity and later for leisure it wasn't really until the 1940's when archery was actively thought of as a sport that disabled people could not only participate in but also compete in.

Dr Ludwig Guttman organised an archery and javelin competition for patients at what originally was called the Ministry of Pensions Spinal Centre at Stoke Mandeville Hospital held on 28 July 1948 to coincide with the opening of the 1948 Olympic Games. These modest beginnings of an archery competition with 14 male and two female competitors, led to the creation of an annual Stoke-Mandeville Games and later the Paralympic Games was born. When the first Paralympics was held in 1960 in Rome, para archery was part of the programme where it has remained ever since.

Dr. Ludwig Guttmann

Adaptive equipment may not be necessary, but it is allowed. Some of the adaptations allowed are:

  • Mechanical releases for the bow, mouth tabs, slings, or bow mounts for people who have limited arm movement.
  • An assistant may nock the arrow onto the bow.
  • Strapping can be used to keep the body supported and/or on the chair
  • Sighting aids may be used,
  • Equipment may be used such as a wheelchair bow stringer, bow sling, amputee adapter device, or adapted archery bow.

If you would like to take your archery further then we can arrange for classification at Stoke Mandaville thorough the British Wheelchair Archery Association if required and we can also get professional advice from the BWAA on any adaptions that may be required to help you with your archery.

Worthing Archery Club is fully compliant with the Equality Act 2010 with regard to reasonable adjustments direct and indirect discrimination. We are however limited to what we can do to the land due to the landowner and the ground can become quite muddy but if you are determined it shouldn’t be a limiting factor.

You’re welcome to come along and see our facilities before you take a beginner’s course -please contact our Secretary to arrange a convenient date and time.

A disability shouldn’t be a barrier to enjoying archery.

Wheelchair Archer

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