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Thursday, 09 February 2017 20:15
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Archery GB is keen to recognise progress and provides a wide range of awards for all archers regardless of age, ability and bow types. These awards can be a good way of not only charting your own progress but can also motivate you by giving you something to aim for.

Many of these awards can be obtained at Club Target Days as well as at tournaments. A Club Target Day is not to be confused with a normal practice day. Instead a Club Target Day A Club Target Day is any day and time appointed under the Rules of the Club and previously announced to the Members. All scores made on a Club Target Day must be entered
in the Club Record Book and all shooting is in accordance with the Rules of Shooting.


Third Class Badge
Second Class Badge
First Class Badge
Bowman Badge
Master Bowman Badge
Grand Master Bowman Badge

Classifications in archery start with Third Class and continue with Second Class, First Class, Bowman, Master Bowman and Grand Master Bowman. The scores that need to be achieved for each of these classifications are dependent on the round that is shot, the type of bow you use, how old you are and your gender. Details of what rounds can be used for classification and what scores are required can be found here.

You can claim the relevant badge once you have submitted 3 qualifying scores within the same year.

3rd, 2nd, 1st class and Bowman classifications can be achieved by shooting at official club days as well as in open competitions and tournaments and are entirely handled at club level.

Master Bowman, Junior Master Bowman and Grand Master Bowman can only be achieved by shooting the required scores at UK Record Status tournaments. Unlike the lower awards, Master (Junior and Senior) and Grand Master Bowman are co-ordinated by Archery GB and not the club and so all claims are made to Archery GB.

Six Gold End Badge

Six Gold End Badge

If, at a Registered Tournament or Club Target Day, you shoot six arrows into the gold in one end at either of the two longest distances for your age group (WA Metric or Imperial Rounds), you can claim this badge. Juniors can claim a Six Gold End badge only once in each discipline you shoot - recurve, longbow and compound. There is also a 3 Gold End badge for Longbow.

Claims must be submitted to Archery GB on the appropriate form. If it is attained at a tournament then the claim should be ratified by the tournament organiser. If it is attained at a Club Target day, then Club Secretary must sign the claim form.


Imperial Measurements

Metric Measurements


Gentlemen 80 Yards 70 Meters
Ladies 60 Yards 60 Meters

Jnr Gents

Under 18 60 Yards 60 Meters
Under 16 50 Yards 50 Meters
Under 14 40 Yards 40 Meters
Under 12 30 Yards 30 Meters

Jnr Ladies

Under 18 50 Yards 50 Meters
Under 16 40 Yards 40 Meters
Under 14 30 Yards 30 Meters
Under 12 20 Yards 20 Meters

Rose Awards

Rose Award 800
Rose Award 900
Rose Award 1000
Rose Award 1100
Rose Award 1200
Rose Award 1250

Rose Awards can only be claimed when shooting at UK Record Status York, Hereford and/or Bristol l – V tournaments that have been accorded "Rose Award" Status. Scores required to achieve a Rose Award and the relevant background colour of the badge are detailed in the table opposite.

Badge Colour







Compound and Recurve

800 900 1000 1100 1200 1250


225 300 375 450 525 600


There are many other types of awards available from Arrow Awards for juniors through to WA Target and Star awards that can only be claimed at tournaments with World Record status. For details of these awards please visit the Archery GB website.

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